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Past Huntsman Patrick O'Shea & FHHC hounds

Welcome to the website of the Findon Harriers Hunt Club, based in Woodstock, Victoria Australia.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  Come back often to view the latest Findon Harriers Hunt Club News and view the gallery of hunt photos.


The following pages provide information about the equestrian sport of hunting, its rich tradition and of course, how you can become involved. If you have questions or wish to find out more about the Findon Harriers Hunt Club, click here to be redirected to Contact Us.  

What is the Findon Harriers Hunt Club?

The Findon Harriers Hunt Club is an incorporated body, sustaining the equestrian sport and tradition of hunting in Australia. Supported through annual subscriptions for membership of the club and generous donations by our sponsors, the Findon Harriers Hunt Club is the pre-eminent hunt in the state of Victoria, Australia.

The Findon Harriers Hunt was formed in 1871 and, apart from breaks due to two World Wars, has hunted continuously up to the present day.

Hunts take place on private properties to the north of Melbourne in the Kilmore, Broadford, Seymour, Highlands, Nagambie and Shepparton areas. We are grateful for the generous support of the Landowners for permitting us to ride over their properties.

Hunt Clubs are licensed, under strict Rules, by the Victorian Government to hunt foxes which have been declared vermin by the Government.

Hunting is a winter activity from early May through to early September each year. Findon hunts twice a week on Saturday and Wednesdays during that period.

The Hounds, which were originally sent out from England on a sailing ship, and are still traceable back to English breeding, are all bred to hunt the fox exclusively. They are bred, trained and hunted by the Huntsman.

The only requirement for a horse to be able to hunt is that it is able to jump about 75 to 90cm (2’6”to 3’0”). It can be any size, breed or colour. The best horses are those that are rather calm natured and don’t get too excited in a large group of horses. Similarly, riders must be capable of jumping that height safely. ASA approved helmets and safe riding boots are a must. Jackets, shirt and tie or pony club jumper are suitable attire.

Training hunts which are held in March and April may be attended to see whether horse and rider would cope and special Children's Hunts are conducted during school holidays. Visitors may also attend any other scheduled hunt by contacting the Master.

Considered the envy of the Victorian hunt community, the Findon Harriers Hunt Club delights in a high standard of hunting, with many thanks going to the efforts of the master for ensuring great sport in the field and to our huntsman, for his breeding, guidance and tuition of the hounds.

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Western Australia's last fox hunting club future is uncertain, but still in demand...

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Drawing Cover - WA's Brook Hunt Club closing meet at Kojonup

Equestrian Life features the Findon Harriers Hunt in Issue 20

2. Feb, 2015
The 20th Edition issue of Equestrian Life 2014 ran a wonderful article presenting the Equestrian Sport of Fox Hunting in Australia, featuring the Findon Harriers Hunt Club . Its now just a click away...
Past Findon Harriers Hunt Club Huntsman Patrick O'Shea in action at Glenaroua

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